Gabriel Batistuta announced his retirement from professional football on March 14, 2005.

In an official statement to the press he said, "I am retiring as a professional footballer. Thank-you for all the affection that you have given me. Everything has a end, training for me was not the same any more, my enthusiasm was waning. So the time arrived to say goodbye to football. I'm ready for other challenges. I told the club that the motivation I once had was not there any more and we reached an agreement."

Bati said his retirement was "definitive" but added that he would still remain active in the game. "I will certainly continue in football in a different role," he said. "I will continue with my contractual, publicity and managerial commitments and finish my studies for coaching."

Bati is now back in Argentina and is now building a house in his hometown in Reconquista after living in Perth, Australia for the past few years. He also, for number of years now, have the certificate that allows him to be a coach so it remains to be seen if he would take up a coaching job some day. Please visit our Let's Talk Bati forum for the latest development.

Gabriel Batistuta has confirmed that he will return to play at the Second Annual Beach Polo Cup in Ibiza, the tournament will be held over six days from June 13-18, 2011.

After the success of the 2010 Ibiza Beach Polo Cup, Playa d’en Bossa is preparing to welcome the tournament’s second event to be held over six days from June 13-18. The tournament has doubled in size in its second year!

This year the competition will be bigger than 2010 with two tournaments being held simultaneously. The first tournament will bring together eight men’s teams and the second one four women’s teams – a first for the Ibiza Beach Polo Cup.

Top international polo athletes have already confirmed their participation in this chic sports event that is gathering more and more followers.

Teams from renowned polo countries such as Argentina, United States and England will be taking part as well as teams from Germany, Portugal, Austria, Russia, Australia, Mexico and Brazil.

Celebrated polo player Gabriel Batistuta has confirmed he will return to play alongside players such as Juan José Brane, Ruki Baillieu, Calao de Melo, Gonzalo Azumendi, Hugo Barabucci and Martín Valent who have also confirmed their participation.

Polo continues to be the sport of kings and understandably celebrities and VIPs from all over the world will be flying to Ibiza to support this unique event.

From its early beginnings, the organisers Snow & Beach Polo found the island of Ibiza, and the municipality of Sant Josep, to be a perfect setting for their unique polo events. The combination of natural resources, fashion, music and sunshine has attracted celebrities and sports lovers to the island for many years.

Ibiza continues to host a long list of sporting events throughout the year including sailing, cycling and diving. For more details visit:


It’s Gabriel’s Birthday today! Happy Birthday Gabriel, wish all the best in life and in health

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Qatar has won the bid to host the 2022 World Cup Finals, here’s what Bati said about the choice

Former Argentina striker Gabriel Batistuta spoke of the choice of Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup. As the sponsor of this country, the former player spoke of the “Arab world which is emerging.”

Batistuta said Qatar 2022 “will be very interesting because the fans are going to see many games, even other teams.”

“Qatar is a small country. All supporters will be together, mingling in the streets. I imagine it’ll be fun and easy for everyone because the fans will be able to follow their teams in 20 or 30 kilometers,” the striker added. As for the climate of the Arab countries, “Batigol” said it “will not be a problem. I played two years and many matches in the heat, and you can play. In addition there are cooling systems and can even choose the temperature. So imagine in ten years…”

“I’m sure that after the World Cup, many of the stereotypes, the prejudices about the Middle East will end,” said the former footballer. “If members of the Committee were fixed in the ability to organize a World Cup, any of the candidates could win. I think they’ve wanted to go further and find the place where they could include more people, new fans, new horizons,” Batistuta said.


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