Quick  Bati Facts

Full Name : Gabriel Omar Batistuta
Nickname : “Batigol”
Birthdate : February 1, 1969
Birthplace : Avellaneda (Santa Fe), Argentina
Height : 6’1″
Position : Forward Striker
Spouse : Irina Fernandez Batistuta
Children : Thiago, Lucas, Joaquin and Shamel
Parents : Osmar and Gloria Batistuta
Siblings : Elisa, Alejandra and Gabriela

About this site
Gabriel Batistuta.net is the second fan site that I created, there was no question in my mind that I wanted to create a site dedicated to Gabriel after watching him in World Cup ’94 and I have been a fan of the Argentina team since Kempes and Maradona days so I thought it’s the best place to cover the World Cup for Argentina while following Gabriel’s career. Maintaining this site has been one emotional roller coaster ride after another, from Gabriel success with his club Fiorentina, his goals against Arsenal and Manchester United in the Champions Leauge, his injuries, him winning the Italian Serie A league with Roma, his transfer to Inter Milan and Al Arabi to the World Cup campaigns, from the highly tense and emotional quarterfinal against England in France ’98 to the dreadful Japan/Korea 2002 first round exit…, I mean the highs were really high and the lows were really low

Getting an invitation to attend the launch of Gabriel’s official website in Florence, Italy. I was one of the staff in charge of the English news for his site and Andrea the site manager invited me to the party but of course being stuck here in Singapore I couldn’t afford to go. And sadly the site has stopped running after Gabriel left Fiorentina. Gabriel may have retired from professional football but I’m still an Argentina fan and there’s still the idea of coaching the national team so the site will be around for a long time :-)

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