Post World Cup 2010 Reports
posted by Jas, 07/06/2010
Tens of thousands of fans welcomed the Argentina team when they returned to Buenos Aires following their exit from the World Cup. Diego Maradona had hinted that he may leave but the fans made it clear that they want him to stay, chanting “Do not go, Diego”. One banner read: “May God let your enemies live long enough so they can stand up to applaud your successes.”

“I never expected people would react this way, but it’s a huge joy,” said Jonas Guttierez. “The fans gave us an incredible amount of support. We are very angry because we wanted to stay in the competition for them, but could not.” “Being managed by Maradona is a unique thing. I would like it if he were to continue, but it is his decision,” Guttierez added.

During the ‘welcome home’ party at the Argentininan FA Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez and Mario Bolatti spoke privately with Maradona, trying to persuade him to stay on as manager.

Meanwhile a close associate of the AFA president, Julio Grondona, said it was up to Maradona if he stayed or went. “The ideal thing would be for him to see out his contract,” said Luis Segura, chairman of Argentinos Juniors. Segura said none of Maradona’s predecessors had been sacked. “The AFA has never cut a contract short and if Diego decides to carry on, he will carry on.”

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